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Combat the most advanced threats with integrated protection from endpoint to email, on premise and in the cloud.

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Endpoint protection

Protect and manage your endpoints and devices

Targeted attacks frequently leverage endpoint systems to infiltrate and traverse an organization’s infrastructure. With ROZMA, you can seamlessly secure and manage all of your endpoint devices and systems, whether inside or outside your corporate network.

Endpoint Protection offers unrivaled protection, blazing performance, and smarter management across both physical and virtual environments. Proactively block completely new and unknown threats across all of your endpoints.

IT Management Suite provides secure endpoint management across heterogeneous environments. Rapidly deploy new devices and applications, manage all of your software licenses, and detect and remediate vulnerabilities throughout your organization.

Mobility: Suite provides comprehensive cross-platform mobile security and management for both corporate-owned and BYOD devices.

web protection

Stop web-based threats

Web-based attacks continue to be a common, and all-too-successful, mechanism for infiltrating an organization’s network.

Today's web-based malware hides on legitimate websites and is "highly mutating", constantly updating itself to avoid detection by traditional security technologies.

Choose Symantec's hosted Web, which leverages advanced proactive capabilities, to stop today’s most complex web-based attacks.

E-mail protection

Protect against email-based attacks

Email is the lifeblood of many organizations, and also one of the most common points of entry for today’s targeted attacks.

ROZMA secures both on-premise and cloud-based email deployments (e.g., Office 365) with all industry-leading threat protection and antispam capabilities.

You can deploy Symantec's hosted Email Security.Cloud solution without installing any new hardware or software in your environment, or you can install Symantec Messaging Gateway or Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange in your datacenter

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