360 Managed Services

360 Managed IT Services

Technology is essential to executing the processes and procedures that support your core business. Highly available IT services, servers, email, applications and systems require management and redundancy. How you manage your technology needs within an ever-changing network environment will directly impact your organization’s productivity, security, compliance and operational continuity.

360 Managed Services is expressly designed to support performance driven industries to tackle change management, security and compliance challenges. With over 13 years of experience monitoring and managing client solutions critical to operational uptime, ROZMA knows the importance of maintaining a stable environment that promotes maximum uptime.

360 Managed Services combines system health monitoring and remediation, proactive security event monitoring and escalation, and daily backup management and responsive support to deliver highly available, highly reliable services.

Our flexible, per-device service options allow organizations to apply 360 Managed Services to specified servers, firewalls and network devices.

Why 360 Managed Services?

  1. Highly Available data and services
  2. 99.9% SLA up-time of critical systems
  3. Security Solutions that address external and internal threats
  4. Data backup and recovery capabilities
  5. Mobile and collaborative systems to maximize efficiencies
  6. Technology solutions and processes that ease compliance